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American Beauty Tips

For beautiful lip here are some guidelines

For along lasting shine and giving your lips a heavy gloss here are three easy steps

To keep lip gloss from globing, exfoliate dry, flaky patches from the lips by gently rubbing a damp, soft-bristle toothbrush or wash cloth over the mouth. As the surface of your lips look smooth, blot dry with a soft towel. Then apply a heavy ointment or balm with glycerin or petroleum every night before going to bed to restore moisture and help heal cracks on the lips.

Select a lip pencil that matches the natural color of your mouth. Carefully 10733234apply along the outline of your lips. Blend any visible lines with the end of your finger or Q-tip. Then, apply a clear, waxy balm or anti-feathering product to fill in lines and create a moisture-resistant film over your mouth.

Put a small dot of lip gloss on the finger tip or wand applicator, wipe of any excess against the rim of the tube working in thin layers apply and dab off excess, blending outwards by patting gently just inside but not touching, the borders of the lips.


Five top tips to achieve a Dewy skin look.

Exfoliate. Scrub with papaya enzymes twice a week. Even sensitive skin can benefit from this scrub because it is gentle

Apply a moisturizer cream or lotion. Let is absorb for about 5 minutes.

Select a base with a tinted moisturizer layered on op of a regular moisturizer cream “instant dewiness”. It will be too much for oily skin they should use a liquid or cream foundation , oil free.

Blend a slightly shimmery cream blush over the cheeks. Peach shades on fair and medium skin and light pink on olive and darker tones.

Dab a cream or gel eye shadow over lids to brighten the face. Brown metallic sheen or gold eye shadow will give it a dramatic look without looking too heavy