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Why personal time off is vital for your well being

In today’s lifestyles everyone is probably going to be stressed at some 30330765time in their life, it is unavoidable, but don’t fret there are many ways to cope with daily demands. We are all on the run, doing too much in our everyday life and we don’t take time for ourselves.

We don’t seem to make time to chill out and personally regroup and enjoy a few moments of solitude, or personal time.

It is becoming very important to make time for yourself because it will make you

feel better, perform better at your job, deal with stress, have a wonderful time, so give yourself permission to take some time out and also let your mind and body rest.

Here are some suggestions to create that personal time that we all need so desperately.


* Go for a long walk, clear your mind and enjoy nature, forget your troubles for a little while.
* Play golf, enjoy the outdoors
* Cycle or do some sport that you enjoy and don’t stress
* Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea, green tea or cocoa
* Listen to some soft music
* Go sailing if you own a sail boat and enjoy the quiet and peaceful time on the water alone or with friends
* Turn off the phone, take a nap
* Rest on the floor with your feet up, take some deep breaths, close your eyes and rest for 10 minutes put a mask on your face and relax and turn on some soft music..
* Take a hot/warm bath with special aroma oils, light a candle, turn on some music and turn off the light and the phone. Soak.
* Curl up in your favorite chair and read a book, romance or mystery whatever you enjoy most.
* Go to bed early, put a little baby powder on your sheets, burn a candle and watch your favorite movie
* Plant a flowering plants in pots outside watch them bloom daily
* Get some fresh cut flowers for your home and place them in your special spot in your house
* Get a massage, aroma or Swedish with our special oils
* Get a facial by going to a spa or give yourself a facial.
* Get a pedicure or manicure from a spa
* Go for a walk on a beach early in the morning or late at night.
* Go away for 1 night and stay in a quiet hotel or break and breakfast place
* Fly to an island by yourself and chill out
* Go to lunch with good friend and chat or go shopping
* Re-arrange your home giving your surrounding a new look
* Go to a book store, browse, see what is new, curl up on a couch and read a few pages, watch people go by and hat a café latte
* Go the to Mall during the week and window shop with no pressure if you enjoy shopping and browsing
* Buy yourself some lingerie’s, something daring and exciting
* Do some stretching or yoga at home alone
* Take your dog to the park, bring a camera, play frisbee or lie on a blanket and watch the clouds go by and dream a little
* Indulge on a very expensive piece of chocolate and enjoy and savor it every moment
* Go on a picnic-bring your favorite foods and blanket, look at the sky and listen to the birds or the sounds around you
* Go to a matinee movie—its ½ price and not a lot of people around
* Shop for a new perfume try and determine your scent “personality”, opting for sensuous, romantic, classic, sporty or natural. When it comes to your fragrance, know that scent is able to trigger memories more powerfully than any other senses. Smell is one of the three key senses at play when you meet someone.
* Borrow a friends beach house or book a stay at a spa,, retreat or just camp out alone.
* Spend time alone its called “self-care”
* Cook a dish you have been wanting to try invite someone over for dinner
* Go on a mountain adventure or a hiking adventure
* Indulge your interests and make the most of your leisure hours.
* Have fun
* Find fun ways to work out by varying your work outs
* Refresh yourself, rejuvenate yourself by doing something you have dreamt about and longed for.
* Sit by a fireplace with someone you love and enjoy each other