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Cause of Hair Loss in Women

A full head of hair is one of a man’s or women most important physical features therefore the consequences that they suffer in terms of self-identity and self-esteem is devastating.

Hair loss is when you hair is fine and falling off and you have no control of 19180942how to try to stop it from happening. It happens to more than ½ of the population, among these groups; many are struggling with thinning hair. You need to understand that your hair type is determined by your genetic make-up, and there are several contributing factors to the thinning of the hair; scalp stress is one of the major causes.

What will happen when hair begins to thin or baldness occurs? Basically because hair roots receive nutrients from blood vessels containing blood cells and the hormone testosterone. An enzyme present in the body called 5 alpha reductase can convert testosterone to another hormone called DHT. When DHT is present in the scalp tissue one can experience a reduced growth phase because the DHT stops the necessary nutrients from being processed by the hair follicle. Over time, extreme thinning or baldness can occur.

There are five early warning signs that will tell you that you are at risk for thinning hair.

* Blemishes on face, back and extremities
* Excessively oily scalp
* Noticeably thin-looking hair in various sections of the scalp.
* A loss of over 50 hairs per day with daily shampooing.
* Excessive body hair, including abnormal facial hair on women i.e. Upper lip,
* chin and facial hairs

There are 6 major causes of thinning hair:

Genetic Predisposition:

Is one of the primary contributing factors to thinning hair it is the genetic predisposition of hormonal balances or imbalances which can be inherited from either your parent’s side of the family. Both men and women can inherit the problem.

Stress and Trauma:

Stress causes poor vitamin and nutrient assimilation to the hair follicle and can produce increased levels of testosterone, which converts to DHT.

Nutrition and Diet:

Rapid weight loss, liquid protein diets, and high consumptions of foods that are over processed, low in nutrition and high in animal fats can have a negative affect on the body’s level of amino acids and vitamin assimilation.


A malfunction of the thyroid gland, which leads to hypothyroid disease, is the only known health-related causes of thinning hair.


Hair thinning can be a side effect to taking certain medication, specifically hormone replacement therapy drugs, birth control, estrogen pills, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, thyroid disease treatments, blood pressure, diabetic, heart disease and even acne medications.

Environmental Toxins:

Environmental pollutants and estrogen mimics can increase hair loss in men and women.

Some thinning factors for women:

Pregnancy, Child Birth and Menopause:

These life changes can cause hormonal swings and sometimes permanent effect on healthy hair which leads to hair loss. When combining environmental pollution, changing nutritional habits and menopause the threat the healthy hair is magnified.


Rough Scalp Treatment:

Coloring, highlighting, permanent waving and relaxing your hair can cause

the scalp and hair to be dry, resulting in thin-looking hair. Rigorous hair

brushing, styling, rough scalp massaging, pulling, twisting, teasing, and braiding hair too tight including improperly applied hair extensions often cause temporary or even permanent scalp damage

Some factors that is unique to men

Excessive Body Building:

Can cause a peak in testosterone levels, therefore, increasing the levels of DHT


Steroid Usage

Taking steroid can cause hormonal imbalances; these artificial hormone level changes can cause thinning hair of loss of hair.

There is a large selection of Treatments offered for thinning hair and loss of hair.

Treatments formulated for thinning hair

Laser hair treatments


The Nioxin Bionutrient System which consists of shampoo, scalp treatment and hair booster lotion. For normal hair or chemically treated hair. Used daily this treatment is known to stimulate the hair growth.


Laser Hair Therapy is a non-surgical answer to hair loss.

It was first used to treat lower extremity ulcers (sores) on diabetics with poor blood supply and circulation. The lasers not only improved the book flow to the areas…but another astonishing side effect was noted…Body hair locate dint he radius of the laser beam grew thicker and longer, than the untreated surrounding areas.

Clinical studies have proven that the use of Laser Light stimulates cellular metabolism, protein synthesis, and tissue and cartilage generation, while dramatically increasing blood supply to targeted areas. Low level Lasers have been used successfully to treat hair loss as an alternative to medications, hairpieces and other option for the hair loss sufferers.

The Laser Hair Therapy Program increases micro-circulation of the follicle, which allow nutrients and freshly oxygenated blood to access the hair follicle with the results being a stimulation of the natural hair growth cycle.

Laser Hair Therapy is described as Low Level Lasers that are “soft” lasers or “cool” lasers because they o not have the thermal component to cut burn or vaporize skin tissue. It is based on the scientific principal of photo-biotherapy which occurs when laser light is absorbed by cells causing stimulation to cell metabolism and improved blood flow to the areas treated.

The Laser Hair Therapy program has shown extreme results in restoring natural hair growth. This treatment is painless, with no side effects and with no surgery required. It works as the laser light stimulates cell metabolism and causes damaged cells to be repaired This treatment activates the blood cells, it promotes cell division and protein synthesis, both which are important for natural hair regrowth.

This program takes 12 months with approximately 20 treatments or more throughout the year. For the first four to five weeks, a client sits under the laser light for 2 to 3 (15-minute) sessions per week, and then only 1 a week and then that 1 a month, after that first year, only twice-yearly.

A home hair program is advised which should include an equalizing detoxifying shampoo, a chemical free conditioner, a live enzyme cleaner and a pharmaceutical grade topical activator solution which helps to stimulate hair regrowth and remove DHT buildup from the follicle to allow the new hair regrowth to begin

The cost of a year’s program is approximately $3,850.00.

Always go in for a complimentary scalp evaluation before signing up for this program