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Long Hair

You don’t have to cut your hair to get a new style. Long and luxurious cuts will allow you to change your look without sacrificing your locks. Forget about vanishing your mane to pony tail status. Let those gorgeous lengths cascade over your shoulders to achieve truly awe-inspiring strands.hairstyle002

You don’t need to have a complicated style to make your should strands stand out. Simply try an unusual part to give your locks a slightly artistic flair.

Long curls add a classy look for those romantic evenings. You can also transport your wild mane into stick straight strands with a little straightening pomade.

The beauty of long hair is its endless possibilities. Pile your strands on top of your head, or let them hang long for waves of virtually unending beauty. Experiment with curls, waves, texture, color and much, much more. Short hair is sweet, but long, lush strands are definitely back on the rise. Discover the allure of different styles for long hair from day to evening wear.

Short Hair Styles

Here are some short hair styles ideahairstyle003:

The great thing about this hair cut that it is super easy to style for day or night. During the day you can allow the layers to curl under and give you a sweet style, but at night it’s time to break out the straightening iron and create a funkier image for yourself.

To create definition, add a touch of hair wax to your locks to create a piecey look that is both sexy and sleek. Tease your hair slightly at the crown for some added volume.

Have fun with this hair style.


Punked Perfection Hair style:hairstyle028

This short layered razor cut, with its tight sides, is reminiscent of 80’s-influenced punk styles. The top is left a bit longer with an almost Mohawk feel. Use a thermal spray to protect the hair, then coat with molding pomade and use low air, but high heat to blow dry as you direct the style into shape. Once dry, coat the hair with hair powder to build up the thickness. Moisturizing pomade is worked through to add shine and more pliabiltiy.



This tyle is like a Mob Bob:hairstyle039

Cleanse with a straightening shampoo to ensure your locks are prepped for the styling and smoothing that lies ahead. Starting at the back with a nozzle titled downards, blow-dry roots and follow all the way down to the ends of your locks. When hairs is 80% dry, spritz with volumizer to give your locks a bit of fullness and height.

Sizzling Shortcuts For Summer

If you want an easy way to take care of your hair and you have been contemplating on whether or not you should lose your lengths..just do it. You will feel literally great to have all that weight taken off your neck and shoulders don’t forget how much easier your morning routine will be.

Get into the swing this season with a cropped top that will take you from work to the beach and anyway else you go. T30715219-002here are so many short and sassy hair cuts that are so easy to style.

Short hair is fun and very feminine not to mention sassy and sexy. There are great styles for girls with skimpy lengths. You can have a sleek and shiny or tousled and textured or a cropped mane can be just as exciting.

Summer was really made for short hair. No more ponytails, hair blowing in your face or scary wind blown locks. Lighten the weight on your shoulders with a new, carefree summer style.

Black Hair Braids

33028574Braids can be made in soft or large and be denoted as pulled back or mop top. The variations of braids African American women can delve into is pretty limitless so choosing a style is often the most difficult part of the process! Braiding is a common black hairstyle and it is sported by many people. Cornrow braiding with a hint of beads here and there has been a popular hairstyle.
Braids are the style of the 21st century. Hair braiding in the 21st century has no boundaries. Braids must be washed weekly here because of the germs and dust. Put a nylon stocking on your head, shampoo, and then rinse thoroughly. Braiders are out on the street offering their services to passers-by. The business, some say, has been almost crippled by too much competition.

Braids have evolved from tradition and become an elaborate art form. It seems as though, salons specializing in braids and weaves have popped up almost over night.

Facts About Black Hair Care

30332495-001Curly hair is attractive but may be not when curls are very tight. Tightly curled hair are very difficult to manage and this is why most people have their hair straightened. Curly black hair tends to develop tangles. And detangling can be harmful to you and painful for your hair. Curly black hair also tends to tangle easier than other hair types, so additional breakage can occur when you try to comb through it. There are products and tools that you can use to comb your hair out carefully and gently, to ensure minimum breakage occurs.

Black hair is fragile in nature and thus requires special hair care. One important characteristic of black hair is that due to less oil production, this hair tends to become dry and easily knotted. Black hair is considered to be an exceptionally unique type of hair. As compared to other hair types, black hair requires much attention in terms of hair care.

Black hair is very strong, fortunately so because Black hair styles cause a great deal of stress on the hair and scalp. Black hair is the most difficult to lighten. A very strong product must be used. Black hair is not necessarily kinky, though. Many black women have looser curls, which is usually not uniform across the head.

Black Hair is distinctly different in texture from Blond or Red hair and therefore needs a slightly different hair care regimen. For one, relaxers to a certain extent are good for Black Hair but only if applied by a professional stylist as they can do a lot of damage over time if applied carelessly. Black hair is often more fragile than the locks on Caucasian women, and therefore may not respond well at all to harsh treatment or chemical processing. Still, many of us like to switch from our naturally curly do’s to something straighter, or to experiment with different hair colors and highlights for a new look.

Hair Removal – eyebrows to toe waxing

Waxing is an ancient hair removal method commonly performed by a professional licensed esthetician, and has been around for thousands of years.

There are 2 categories of hair removal:

15608630Depilation- means that hair is removed at the skin line. Shaving and chemical depilatories are examples of depilation. Chemicals used for hair removal and are commonly sold in drug stores are Nair and Neet.

Epilation- means that the hair is removed below the surface of the skin. The advantage of depilation over depilation is that it will take longer for the hair to grow back if the hair is removed by epilation. Also if performed repeatedly on the same area over a prolonged period of time, the quantity of hair will be permanently reduced by waxing, tweezing, and electrolysis

For centuries women and men have been removing body hairs:

* Lip
* Chin
* Eyebrows
* Face
* Bikini
* Brazilian/Rio
* Underarm
* Arms
* Belly
* Toes
* Legs
* Men: Chest and Backs

There are several ways of hair removal systems:

* Tweezing
* Hot wax/or cold honey wax
* Sugaring
* Hard Wax
* Threading
* Electrolysis
* Laser Hair removal

Tweezing: Is a method of hair removal and is painful and most people do it themselves and is not always effective. Doing it yourself can cause problems where one eyebrow is different from the other but it is effective in between your professional waxing just to clean up a few stray hairs but you must learn to put the hair out correctly. It does cause tearing of the eye with when doing it yourself at home. A slanted Tweezeman tweezer is best to use. If your brows are very light, get them tinted it will make it easier for you to see them.

.Hot Wax:

Hot wax hair removal is an old method of hair removal and the most commonly method that is very effective for removing unwanted hair in both large and small areas..

It’s a minimum amount of discomfort for most people during the first service and after that it is no problem.

Note that the more you wax the less hair growth you will have but for your waxing to be effective once you start waxing please do not shave or else you will be starting from the your program from the beginning.

A layer of hot wax is applied to the skin with a spatula in the direction of the hair growth, then covered with a strip of muslin cloth/fabric, which is pressed onto the wax and then the strip is quickly pulled away in the direction opposite to the hair growth, taking hairs with it and leaving the skin smooth and hairless. Its also removes dead skin off the area that is being waxed. Its sounds painful but it only lasts for a second It is fast, inexpensive, very effective, and can be done at home or a spa, but preferably by a professional.

If you are using Retin-A, been in the sun in the last 4 days, let your esthetician know.

Eyebrows: eyebrow waxing should be left to a pro- its risky doing it at home. There is a precision involved in applying wax to the eyebrow area- needs someone with years of experience to do a great job.

Brazilian/Rio or Bikini waxing:

Its best not to shave for a week before you get this area waxed and also not go in the sun, or get sun tan from the tanning bed for a least a week.

Biking waxing is not for the weak at heart or someone who cannot stand pain, you have to be brave and want the hairs removed more than anything. You can also not be shy or sensitive because it requires you to remove your undergarments because every bit of hair is going to be removed leaving you clean and hair free. But you can request a “landing strip” is you want some hair saved.

Your legs are spread apart where you are examined to make sure you at least have a week to 3 weeks hair growth after your last shave. Then your legs are bent towards your chest or spread out and the waxing begins. Baby powder is sometime spread over your crouch and warm wax is spread in a thin layer and cloth strips are placed over the wax and pulled off and out comes the hair- the pain only last for 1 second and so it progressed until al the hair is removed. Usually 20-30 minutes then a calming gel or balm like tree tea oil is applied in the area where the hair has been removed to calm and disinfect the skin. You must not take a hot shower for a few hours, wear tight fitting jeans because you may cause a rash from the friction of the fabric, avoid direct sunlight, acid base creams, makeup.

If there are any straggly hairs left over after waxing they can be easily tweezed out using a good pair of tweezers.

Doing it yourself at home can be messy, hairs can break off at or below the skin surface, you can get an infection- its best to leave it to the professional. Cost of services start at $12.00 to $200.00.

Cold Wax: can be bought at any drugstore and it usually come sin tubes. Warm wax is more effective then cold waxing


Sugaring is an alternative way to waxing for hair removal.

Waxing and sugaring are very similar hair removal processes, where a thin layer of wax or gel is applied in the direction of hair growth, then covered with a strip of fabric, which is pulled off in the direction opposite to hair growth. Sugaring dates back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. It is considered less painful than waxing because, unlike wax, the gel adheres only to the hair and not the skin, but it does not always take all the hairs off. Sugaring gel contain all-natural ingredients sugar, lemon and water.

Sugaring is a good option for people with sensitive skin.


Is an alternative method of hair removal to waxing? Threading is a hair removal technique most widely used in Asia that removes hair very closely to the skin with the use of a fine thread. It is not scientifically proven that continual treatments help prevent future ingrown hair. The hairs sometime break and the threading method do not remove the hairs from the roots.


Electrolysis is the process of removing unwanted hair permanently by means of electricity; both the multiple-needle galvanic method and the more modern single-needle shortwave method are used today.

The galvanic method destroys the hairs by decomposing the source of nourishment for the hair through the use of direct current.

The blend method decomposes the source with the simultaneous use of galvanic current and low-intensity high-frequency current

The short wave method destroys the hair by coagulating the papilla through the use of heat.

The shortwave method is faster than other hair removal methods and is most commonly used.

Electrolysis is done witha needle and ouch it hurts and redness often occurs

Laser Hair Removal:

Is a very expensive procedure and you must make a commitment of going 2x a week for an extended period of time

Some people have experienced permanent hair reduction, but it has not been proven as to how long it takes for how long it lasts.

The method used is a light at a specified wavelength is delivered from a hand piece into the skin, where it targets dark material (the pigment in hair) this is intended to cause thermal and/or mechanical damage to a hair follicle while sparing surrounding tissues.

This procedure is considered safe if performed properly and is useful for large areas such as backs or legs. The regrowth of hair can come back lighter in color or finer in texture but not completely gone as you are made to believe.