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Special Occasion Hair Styles

Let’s face it, a good cut and proper styling can make even the most average hair look great. When you hair looks good, everything else just falls into place. That’s because a flattering hairstyle will always ensure you look well-groomed and stylish.

A special occasion hair style does not have to be difficult, there are so many ideas to choose from. The fun look, simple chignon, up with curls, the wild teased waves, a mod up sweep look and so much more.













Long Hair Styles

There are many ways to show off your long hair. Women often get stuck in a hairstyle rut because they are afraid to try something new. It doesn’t have to happen to you. If you are willing to experient a little with your look. You don’t have to spend hundred of dollars at the salon to get an amazing coil.









Long Hair

You don’t have to cut your hair to get a new style. Long and luxurious cuts will allow you to change your look without sacrificing your locks. Forget about vanishing your mane to pony tail status. Let those gorgeous lengths cascade over your shoulders to achieve truly awe-inspiring strands.hairstyle002

You don’t need to have a complicated style to make your should strands stand out. Simply try an unusual part to give your locks a slightly artistic flair.

Long curls add a classy look for those romantic evenings. You can also transport your wild mane into stick straight strands with a little straightening pomade.

The beauty of long hair is its endless possibilities. Pile your strands on top of your head, or let them hang long for waves of virtually unending beauty. Experiment with curls, waves, texture, color and much, much more. Short hair is sweet, but long, lush strands are definitely back on the rise. Discover the allure of different styles for long hair from day to evening wear.

Black Hair Styles

There is a lot of pressure put on Back women to maintain their hair, and , consequently, I think they have gotten caught up in the “quick and fast” remedies of beauty. They have gotten away from the true essence of what the hair really needs and understanding the boundaries of the hair. It is most important than ever before that black women establish a relaltionship with the hair and they have to do that themselves and not depend on the stylist to do it for them.

Here are a few exciting hair styles:









Short Hair Styles

Here are some short hair styles ideahairstyle003:

The great thing about this hair cut that it is super easy to style for day or night. During the day you can allow the layers to curl under and give you a sweet style, but at night it’s time to break out the straightening iron and create a funkier image for yourself.

To create definition, add a touch of hair wax to your locks to create a piecey look that is both sexy and sleek. Tease your hair slightly at the crown for some added volume.

Have fun with this hair style.


Punked Perfection Hair style:hairstyle028

This short layered razor cut, with its tight sides, is reminiscent of 80’s-influenced punk styles. The top is left a bit longer with an almost Mohawk feel. Use a thermal spray to protect the hair, then coat with molding pomade and use low air, but high heat to blow dry as you direct the style into shape. Once dry, coat the hair with hair powder to build up the thickness. Moisturizing pomade is worked through to add shine and more pliabiltiy.



This tyle is like a Mob Bob:hairstyle039

Cleanse with a straightening shampoo to ensure your locks are prepped for the styling and smoothing that lies ahead. Starting at the back with a nozzle titled downards, blow-dry roots and follow all the way down to the ends of your locks. When hairs is 80% dry, spritz with volumizer to give your locks a bit of fullness and height.