Monthly Archives: September 2008

Highlighted Hair Issues

hairstyle030-001I recently went to a salon to have my hair highlighted. It was an interesting experience with great results.. I was told that the service would cost $70.00 and that it would take 2 hours. None of the information was given was anywhere correct.

I have long dark hair, naturally curly and was bored with the color and lack of shine. My consultation started with that I had some roots showing that needed a color touch up, I needed a deep conditioner and I also needed a hair trim. I was told that I needed a 2 color highlighting process to get the end results that I had requested.

Hair highlights are a wonderful and affordable way to change your look instantly. Many celebrities are able to give themselves a sun-kissed look or a fun alternative look without a salon visit. Hair highlights are usually added to base color to give dimension and depth. Different shades are used for different types of hair base colors. Hair highlights are often restricted to bright shades with a metallic tint.

The salon technician started me off with dividing my hair in lots of small sections, applying the color highlight mixture with a brush and covering it with foil, going back and forth using 2 different colors. When that was done a darker shade of color was added to my roots to cover the grays. The smell of the chemical was not too strong and very tolerable. Now the waiting game began…I waited and waited. Finally, it was time to rinse and shampoo and my skull was massaged, almost put me to sleep. A conditioner was massage into my hair and I had to wait another 15 minutes. When that was done, I was toweled dried and moved to another chair.

My hair trim began and I warned the technician not to cut my hair short, but to just trim the ends, give it some layers so as to provide texture, definition and an elegance to my soon to be medium length hair, with no bangs. When that was accomplished my hair was blown dry.

This whole experience took 4 hours and 15 minutes and the end results was very worth the time and I must say my hair looked great, the highlights were unbelievable and my hair looked and felt healthy and full of life. Then came the big surprise my bill was $155.00 and I did not complain.

Sizzling Shortcuts For Summer

If you want an easy way to take care of your hair and you have been contemplating on whether or not you should lose your lengths..just do it. You will feel literally great to have all that weight taken off your neck and shoulders don’t forget how much easier your morning routine will be.

Get into the swing this season with a cropped top that will take you from work to the beach and anyway else you go. T30715219-002here are so many short and sassy hair cuts that are so easy to style.

Short hair is fun and very feminine not to mention sassy and sexy. There are great styles for girls with skimpy lengths. You can have a sleek and shiny or tousled and textured or a cropped mane can be just as exciting.

Summer was really made for short hair. No more ponytails, hair blowing in your face or scary wind blown locks. Lighten the weight on your shoulders with a new, carefree summer style.