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Black Hair Braids

33028574Braids can be made in soft or large and be denoted as pulled back or mop top. The variations of braids African American women can delve into is pretty limitless so choosing a style is often the most difficult part of the process! Braiding is a common black hairstyle and it is sported by many people. Cornrow braiding with a hint of beads here and there has been a popular hairstyle.
Braids are the style of the 21st century. Hair braiding in the 21st century has no boundaries. Braids must be washed weekly here because of the germs and dust. Put a nylon stocking on your head, shampoo, and then rinse thoroughly. Braiders are out on the street offering their services to passers-by. The business, some say, has been almost crippled by too much competition.

Braids have evolved from tradition and become an elaborate art form. It seems as though, salons specializing in braids and weaves have popped up almost over night.

Facts About Black Hair Care

30332495-001Curly hair is attractive but may be not when curls are very tight. Tightly curled hair are very difficult to manage and this is why most people have their hair straightened. Curly black hair tends to develop tangles. And detangling can be harmful to you and painful for your hair. Curly black hair also tends to tangle easier than other hair types, so additional breakage can occur when you try to comb through it. There are products and tools that you can use to comb your hair out carefully and gently, to ensure minimum breakage occurs.

Black hair is fragile in nature and thus requires special hair care. One important characteristic of black hair is that due to less oil production, this hair tends to become dry and easily knotted. Black hair is considered to be an exceptionally unique type of hair. As compared to other hair types, black hair requires much attention in terms of hair care.

Black hair is very strong, fortunately so because Black hair styles cause a great deal of stress on the hair and scalp. Black hair is the most difficult to lighten. A very strong product must be used. Black hair is not necessarily kinky, though. Many black women have looser curls, which is usually not uniform across the head.

Black Hair is distinctly different in texture from Blond or Red hair and therefore needs a slightly different hair care regimen. For one, relaxers to a certain extent are good for Black Hair but only if applied by a professional stylist as they can do a lot of damage over time if applied carelessly. Black hair is often more fragile than the locks on Caucasian women, and therefore may not respond well at all to harsh treatment or chemical processing. Still, many of us like to switch from our naturally curly do’s to something straighter, or to experiment with different hair colors and highlights for a new look.