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  • Do You Want Gorgeous Hair Color?

    Do You Want Gorgeous Hair Color?

    Readers Question: How do I get gorgeous hair color? I am so tired of my hair looking dull. Joan Answer to Readers Question: There are a few golden rules to follow to attain that gorgeous hair color we all desire. If you have yellow or olive skin tones you would look better with deep golden […]

  • Black Hair Styles

    Black Hair Styles

    There is a lot of pressure put on Back women to maintain their hair, and , consequently, I think they have gotten caught up in the “quick and fast” remedies of beauty. They have gotten away from the true essence of what the hair really needs and understanding the boundaries of the hair. It is […]

  • Highlighted Hair Issues

    Highlighted Hair Issues

    I recently went to a salon to have my hair highlighted. It was an interesting experience with great results.. I was told that the service would cost $70.00 and that it would take 2 hours. None of the information was given was anywhere correct. I have long dark hair, naturally curly and was bored with […]